rAthena Database Manager

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Change Logs

✓ 2016/11/14
  • Improved Item Group
    • Now the detailed info for item group only receive the IG_Name. Example for IG_BlueBox
    • Added 'As container for' if the item as item container. Example in Old Blue Box
    • Fixed `Package for` does not display the container item.
  • Improved Quest
    • Added quest title and description from iRO, kRO, Translation Project, and idRO
  • Added item name from iRO, kRO, Translation Project, and idRO before its description on item info
  • Adjusted some layouts
✓ 2016/11/12
  • Updated database for rAthena c7a9dd8b.
  • Added Summoner in item info.
  • Updated form for Item Search
    • Added Summoner as Job filter
    • Added gender filter
    • Armor type list accepts multiple types
    • Weapon type list accepts multiple types
    • Ammo type list accepts multiple types
    • Misc type list accepts multiple types
  • Changed the logic to defines item as Card or Enhancement Stones, by looking the item id.
✓ 2016/06/05
  • Implemented new rAthena's monster modes.
  • Added 'Sizefix' info in item detail for each weapon as implemented of rAthena's size_fix.txt.
  • Added 'Material for' and 'Produced by' in item detail as implemented of rAthena's produce_db.txt.
✓ 2015/11/29
  • Added arrow creation list in item detail.
✓ 2015/11/13
  • Updated database for rAthena 27858bd4.
✓ 2015/09/25
  • Added NPC Shop feature.
✓ 2015/09/21
  • Updated database for rAthena e46574a1.
✓ 2015/08/15
  • Added skill requirement data.
  • Added skill cast time data.
  • Added 'anchors' in detailed information of item, skill, monster, combo, and packages.
✓ 2015/08/14
  • Fixed RegEx range issue.



  • Normal Drop
  • MVP Rewards
  • Combo Pairs
  • Package
  • Quest Drop


  • Possible Combo
  • Combo Script


  • Package List
  • Container List


  • Spawn Location
  • Drop List
  • MVP Rewards
  • Skills and Slaves
  • Quest Objectives


  • Monsters on the map.


  • Basic Information
  • Requirements
  • Cast Time Data


  • Objectives
  • Drop Items


  • Improve search result
  • Thumbnails/images
  • Skill Tree information
  • Item Flag information
  • etc...

Contact and Contributing

For current state, since this website still under 'construction' and not published yet, please just contact me for any suggestions. I planned to publish this on Github soon.